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How to feed and provide proper nutrition for Moon Wrasse. Followers 0. They adjust very quickly to aquarium life and prepared foods. It is recommended to raise this species in fish tanks that are large. The Lunar Wrasse is also referred to as the Lyretail Wrasse or Moon Wrasse. Dartfish are reef safe, peaceful colourful fish that require plenty of rocks for hiding places. Guide to saltwater fish for beginners, how to choose the best hardy saltwater fish for a beginner fish tank, with a list of marine fish for beginners aquariums! Birdmouth Wrasse Alternative Name(s): Green Bird Wrasse, Brown Bird Wrasse Scientific Name(s): Gomphosus varius Category: Marine Fish Difficulty: Maximum Size: 28cms Minimum Tank Volume: 380 litres Minimum Tank Size: 60 Gallons Water Temperature Range: 23-26°C A male and female may be housed together as long as the tank is 125 gallons or more. As an adult, it is green with bright facial and fin markings. Use caution when introducing new tank mates in a tank already populated with blue devils. Moon wrasses are carnivorous and tend to prey on fish eggs and small sea-floor dwelling invertebrates. They are one of the more peaceful wrasses in the Thalassoma genus and can be kept with a variety of other fish without any problems. Tank Mates : Use caution when selecting tank mates. Having very hearty appetites, they are easily trained to eat prepared foods in the aquarium. This wrasse is a beast, she eats like a horse and aggressively at that. For example, the Dragon Wrasse (Novaculichthys taeniourus) can grow upwards of 12" so larger mature specimens are great candidates for fish-only aquariums with robust tank-mates. Let us show you how to save money on Saltwater Aquarium NOW! Because they are a larger, predatory fish species and have a fast metabolism, they can have a large biological impact in an aquarium environment and require strong, efficient biological and mechanical filtration used in conjunction with a quality protein skimmer to ensure healthy and stable water conditions. Many show a marked different colouration as they mature. Time to look for a bigger abode. As a popular species, the Moon Wrasse is readily available in the hobby and can be purchased locally or through an online retailer. Moon Wrasse (Thalassoma lunare) The Lyretail Wrasse is also referred to as the Lunare Wrasse or Moon Wrasse. While juveniles are well behaved, adults become quite the bullies! This wrasse doesn't bother corals but it will eat crustaceans and invertebrates.    No special requirements. The Moon Wrasse should be the last addition to an aquarium as it infamous for terrorizing new tank mates. The Lyretail Wrasse is also referred to as the Lunare Wrasse or Moon Wrasse. Other wrasses may be added, but be aware for the potential of aggressive behaviour. It should reside in a 125 gallon or larger aquarium with larger, aggressive tank mates, and plenty of rocks for hiding. Secondary males (females that change into males), however can become aggressive and will need to be kept with aggressive similar sized or larger fish. Moon Wrasses feeding together in the wild, How do I add a picture so I can find out if my fish is Rolland’s, Thank you for the advice sir just one question where The Lyretail Wrasse should reside in a 125 gallon or larger aquarium with larger, aggressive tank mates, and plenty of rocks for hiding. This tank picture looks better than 87.75% of tank pictures in this category. They enjoy lots of rocks they can hide behind. For more information see, Marine Aquarium Basics: Maintenance. Mini reef aquarium guide. Moon wrasses are protogynous hermaphrodites, all starting off as females. Like most wrasse species, Moon Wrasse are well known to be jumpers and should be housed in a sealed enclosure with a tight fitting lid to prevent escape and injury. MOON Emergency Tank Price: $185.00 . It may be kept with a mate if the aquarium is 150 gallons or larger. Tank mates should be considered carefully with this species as they will become territorial (once established) and will not show any mercy to newcomers that infringe upon their space. Normal water changes at 10% biweekly or 20% monthly. The moon wrasse (Thalassoma lunare) also known as the crescent wrasse or lyretail wrasse, is a species of wrasse native to the Indian Ocean and the western Pacific Ocean.It is an inhabitant of coral reefs and surrounding areas at depths from 1 to 20 m (3.3 to 65.6 ft).
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