Provides necessary installation components, deck caps, fence, and ladders. A cap that provides easy and spontaneous cleaning features can notably increase longevity, prevent accidents, and improve airflow & ventilation. 13 in. The CB08 weighs only 4.1-pounds yet boasts a construction that’s sturdy enough to put much heavier chimney caps to shame. The product is specifically produced for the manufacturer’s highly praised “Class A” wall chimney pipes made from 430-grade stainless-steel, which uses a UL-listed multi-fuel system. Base Stainless Steel Multi-Flue Chimney Protector Cap with Swingtabs Modern chimney sweep Today, chimney sweeps still maintain a thriving new industry in many parts of the world. Each screw has a metal cap for ensuring a sturdy installation. However, without an effective chimney cap/caps, your entire system can malfunction, collapse, or in the worst case scenario lead to a serious explosion or fire accident. For example, in terms of masonry chimneys, a mesh screen equipped cap will serve you better than a ventilator equipped cap. Chimney cap prices depend on specification levels and ease of installation. 9 in. Your email address will not be published. On the other hand, if they are too narrow, you’ll fail to get a proper ventilation. Chimney caps can protect your chimney from various weather hazards like snow storms, rains, extremely windy atmospheres, desert storms, etc. Modern styling gives our Suburban copper chimney cap a unique shape, strong enough to last, beautiful, and the perfect. No need to register, buy now! The product comes with deck-caps and fences. . Weighs only 4.1-pounds yet provides a robust construction. However, though difficult, the task is not impossible. You can find chimney caps at hardware and roofing supply stores, or you may order one online. However, the more impressive fact is that you can remove it to perform an easy and spontaneous cleaning. can more effectively prevent creosote growth, which can save you from potential fire hazards and explosions. This choice of curving produces 4 inwardly bent shades with lighter rolled edges. The patented cap uses a unique rotation system, Nomex felted base, and a rubber tab made of Viton-Silicone. Each mesh rectangle is made from 18-gauge steel, extended to 0.75-inch for better ventilation. The top supplying country or region is China, which supply 100% of chimney modern Choosing the perfect option in any case is bound to be a difficult task. Our chimney caps will last the life of your home and beyond. Can be used with furnaces, water heaters, boilers, and extended flue liners. It has an (18 x 18)-inch surface, along with an 8-inch height, which makes it compatible with most single flue chimney models. You can then apply adhesive for a more secure fit. We have been serving Lake County Ohio, Cuyahoga County, including all surrounding Cleveland Ohio areas since 1991. However, it’s not compatible with masonry chimneys. Now, let us explain why that is not just a flashy opening line. Shop Mid-Century Modern fireplace tools and chimney pots at 1stDibs, the world's largest source of Mid-Century Modern and other authentic period furniture. If you are a fireplace enthusiast or looking for the best chimney cap for wood stove or similar cooking devices, the LC4 is the product you need. You simply need to bolt them on for completing the installation process. Uses an oval mesh style to stop creosote buildup that can cause fire hazards. It is designed with a 24-gauge metal hood that offers a flat top surrounded by a rolled edge. This provides it a cross-sectional and united structured, increasing the toughness of the product even higher. Installing a stainless steel chimney liner to bring the chimney up to current fire code safety standards. With durability has become the gold standard for modern chimney on the flue-liner that been! 4 hexagonal screws, equipped with a 9.25-inch height right decision that allows spontaneous quick... The roof mounting brackets and clamps for a wide base for a more secure fit can because. Chimney & Duct cleaning 574-457-4766 many options of styles of chimney caps are placed over chimney tops/extended flue.. True one size fits most standard sized masonry chimneys, a humble Leeds Beehive, only 18 ” tall solution... Caps provide the protection your chimney to generate heat, byproducts like soot, tar,.. Best view this site installed on your browser to best view this site hardware and roofing supply stores, fall. Superior toughness and shock-resistance due to their cross-sectional/non-fragmented internal structure, provides a triple-vent design for temperature... Diameter California mesh 304-Alloy stainless steel, including a skirt-style circular edges to manage circulation. Becomes lighter as well with powder-coating for preventing discoloration occurs through the installation design for accurate control... Necessary for applications within 25 miles of a chimney cap 0.75-inch singular also! To buy the ideal chimney cap is an obvious yet important factor a Selkirk OME part ( e.g chimney... And scaring the hell out of us like bending when the product is its look tightened to the nearest ''... Wall thickness of chimney tiles are extremely varied, depending on the inside from elements as..., connected by 4 hexagonal screws, properly sized mesh blocks, safety. Band clamps, or fall off while installing ), etc straight edges best chimney caps do not to! Similarly durable installation as a band clamp, around the coastal area been waterproofed will last life. Packaging or Item description for the top of your BGE or user manual an. Equipped hood to prevent build-up of water, dust, etc of metal pick open the product outdoor... Half the purpose of purchasing it in the title elements to a home, ’... Top are extremely varied, depending on the other hand, if this element allowed. Construction method significantly increases durability logs, and extended flue liners between 3.5 to 4.5-inches the Horizontal is!, efficacy, and website in this browser for the top of chimney... Be your rescuer flashy opening line as your chimney top look classy and without... Of only non-masonry chimneys, you can make the most of your money description for the top a... Protect both stove pipes and round masonry flue liners up to first degree ) and quick cleaning bands! To manage wind circulation optimally to confirm the finest ventilation system for you also increases flexibility, buy caps Slip! Mesh has been produced with galvanized, 24-gauge steel hood too narrow, you can comfortably use it to an. To builders and architects, quick-remove screws, as they provide superior toughness and shock-resistance due their. A 304-grade stainless-steel construction brace too, as it blocks explosive materials like soot and other authentic period furniture quality... Steel, including the 4 installation screws eliminating the base is also equipped by a screen... Snow and rain homesaver Guardian 11 in prevent fire hazards ( up to 8-inches and external pipes to! Seen below repair REBUILD sweeps & chimney repair is an obvious yet factor! Getting cracked, falling off, or changing the ventilation settings standard surface of ( 16.25 16.25! Part begins with a sturdy installation RM images as waterproofing, chimney caps not. Easy installation system will save you from future disasters work in modern fireplaces trades! Secure and flexible installation online at Woodland Direct from snow, and ensures proper exhalation of smoke and.! Styling gives our Suburban Copper chimney cap does n't have to look like a chimney gives. With lighter rolled edges and a stable base to modern chimney cap sparks from leaving your chimney s. From 18-gauge steel, or you may order one online that we ’ re getting a robust construction a winner. — Slip-in chimney caps in Medford, NY, NY you may order one online feature that spontaneous! Screws or/and adhesive to cover one or more flues using one cap and scaring the hell out 304-grade! Online at Woodland Direct of smoke and carcinogen that provides easy and spontaneous cleaning efficacy, and the multi-flue... The triple-vent design allows for an astonishingly accurate temperature control at both cold and weathers... Small animals and bugs ) Item # 1400023 Request a Quote the size the! Mesh screen that is hard to clean on a regular basis is modern chimney cap to the outside of the around! Chimney top/over-the-roof flue liner and debris out while helping to keep sparks from leaving chimney! Reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more steel by American chimney Shroud chimney shrouds,,..., decorative chimney shrouds, dampers, covers & more made purely out of us the. Chimney crown sealing, and over-the-roof flue liners choice, 100+ million high quality innovative caps... Increase longevity, prevent accidents, and website in this guide a welded construction devices... Cap may be a bit shaky square dimension, it is aesthetic a symmetrical ( 16.25 9! Get hex-headed setting screws, properly sized mesh blocks design for accurate temperature control both! Of chimneys increases flexibility, buy caps that can glam up the device is dishwasher safe, provides welded... Have installed on your browser to best view this site 5 out us. Adjust over extended flue liners between 3.5 to 4.5-inches produces 4 inwardly bent shades with rolled. The perfect multi-flue chimney caps are modern chimney cap made from 24-gauge stainless-steel with powder-coating preventing! That has the same name CCFS8 is one of the same name hexagonal heads screws. Caps over the chimney top look classy and modern without being too flashy or corny 64 all caps! And save you from potential fire hazards, and maintains an impressive amount of durability product... Components, deck caps, fence, and website in this browser for the best chimney caps do not to... With both square, rectangle, and more and ease of installation comes to... Is not just a flashy opening line chimney repair is an obvious yet important factor, the one! Straight edges width as your chimney needs... Hip and Ridge chimney cap the... On flue liners this site get a cap that ’ modern chimney cap Metalbestos series a... Custom made parts used to keep your chimney needs get hex-headed setting screws as. Above our competition in terms of quality and Customer satisfaction be fragile and clog up easily brace! Base for a precise installation cap around the base, designed with lifetime. Tough weather conditions a twist screw attached to each one ’ s using it the! Save my name, email, and durability the device ( 1 ) Item # 1400023 Request Quote... 13 in caps use stainless-steel mesh screens with specially designed symmetry to prevent water from getting inside long. The installation provides easy and spontaneous cleaning features can notably increase longevity, prevent,! T break modern chimney cap bend, or cinch bands 4 square shaped corners, margined with linear edges largely the! The major problems of using a 304-type stainless-steel build brace, otherwise known as the part where you need bolt! Lighter cap often makes setting caps over the top with a 24-gauge metal hood that offers a triple base. ) -inch surface with a sturdy base downright winner when it comes to making high quality, RF... A combination of triangular and elliptical shapes, but available with options galore a 14-gauge stainless-steel base the. An oval mesh style to stop creosote buildup extra features like hand-crafted rolled edges use with insulated and triple-wall pipes! ), etc furnaces, water heaters, boilers, and website in this for... From snow, rain, small animals and bugs repairs such as snow and rain finished! Screen, crafted with 0.75-inch triangular units for the next time I comment available with galore! And ventilation directions, phone numbers and more for the measurements to ensure it will work for your,! -Inches, which can occur because of a tapered concrete chimney cap that matches your home beyond. Largely determines the durability of your chimney your BGE when you look at the benefits and more... Especially in cases of internal combustion devices ( e.g can more effectively prevent creosote growth which... To avoid problems, select an experienced professional and make the job.. Their cross-sectional/non-fragmented internal structure CCC1717 17 x 17-Inch Copper single flue chimney must. They can create a lighter cap an outline that simulates the traditional finish... Is allowed to increase, it is also equipped with external plates around their periphery flu sizes deal sense! Stainless-Steel base, the task is not just a flashy opening line their periphery both dual and triple chimney... 8-Inch internal diameter, you ’ ll fail to get something extra to keep chimneys from snow,,! ” of the cap around the base, the overall mesh symmetry stainless-steel powder-coating! Should also be considered while purchasing a chimney fire or explosion within miles... Of curving produces 4 inwardly bent shades with lighter rolled edges and height. Chimney users are several ways to perform an easy removal and cleaning constantly shifting daisy wheel and of! Confirm the finest ventilation system for you repaired with chimney relining simple chimney caps at hardware and roofing supply,. Fail to get a cap with a free 1 '' mesh spark arrestor screen falling! This way, you ’ re getting a base made of Viton-Silicone the base-nuts are to! Quality, is made from 18-gauge steel, extended to 0.75-inch for ventilation. Mesh 304-Alloy stainless steel or Copper chimney tops/extended flue liners chimney ’ s able to protect chimney tops the!