During our whirlwind road trip through Death Valley, we visited all five dune fields in the park and Eureka Dunes easily stood out above the rest (both literally and figuratively). But the Eureka Dunes are the mac daddy of them all. Hiking up Eureka Dunes. Island in the Desert Eureka Dunes is accessible from the road and campground. Sung gave me a last minute chance to return to Death Valley and jumped at it. For perhaps 10,000 years these dunes have existed, providing a unique habitat for specialized lifeforms to evolve. From the town of Big Pine there are 28 miles of paved road and 21 miles of graded dirt to the dunes. Dünenkämme inmitten eines Gebirges – nette Wanderung aufeinen Gipfel aus lockeremSand Die Eureka Dunes liegen im nördlichen, weniger bekannten Teil des Death Valley National Parkes – fast alle Touristen besuchen nur den tiefsten Punkt der USA bei Badwater. A pale mountain of sand appears to hover over the flat valley floor. They rise nearly 700' from the remote Eureka Valley floor, which separates the Last Chance Mountains (east) from the Saline Range (west).. A view across the Eureka Valley from the dunes. And what a journey it is. Take a moment to stop and look around at this overlook, which showcases the dunes below and the snowy Inyo Range. Alert to shuttle users November 4, 2020. Plants and animals must endure the shifting sands, as a windstorm could bury them alive or expose them to the drying sun. (19), Additions & Corrections We still had a while before the sun set, so we took a drive around the dunes. Saline Valley Dunes. (6), Comments Most importantly, OFF ROAD VEHICLE TRAVEL IS NOT PERMITTED ON THE DUNES, or anywhere else in Death Valley National Park for that matter. Hiking Eureka Dunes Death Valley National Park, California | 2012. Judy is terrified of long steep dropoffs off the side of roads and thus cant go to Eureka via the route from Ubehebe. The dunes cover an area only 3 miles long and 1 mile wide, yet they are the tallest sand dunes in California, possibly the tallest in all of North America. Try to choose activities that have the least impact on the land. Eureka Sand Dunes - 1.5 Miles Round-Trip The Eureka Sand Dunes are the tallest dunes in Death Valley and all of California. Plus, visit the magnificent Eureka Dunes while in the area. Sand reaches over 400 feet tall at Eureka Dunes; however, neither is as easily accessible as the Mesquite Flat Dunes. The Highest Dunes The Eureka Dunes lie in the remote Eureka Valley, an enclosed basin at 3000-foot elevation located northwest of Death Valley. This is a difficult one way trail in Death Valley National Park. Lifeforms here may not be able to survive our carelessness. Samoa Dunes Recreation Area. Why this occurs is not fully understood, but may have something to do with the smooth texture of the sand grains and the friction of those grains sliding against each other. This did mean giving up another trip to Joshua Tree, but the logistics of finding a hike while others are focused on climbing rocks is not as simple as finding a hike with someone focused on poking around and hiking. When I started hiking back down from the high dunes this plant catching the last light, along with the ripples in the sand, caught my eye. White sand and steep cresting dunes, an all-encompassing silence, and the feeling that one has found their way into Mother Nature’s bosom await those fortunate enough to complete the journey to the Eureka Dunes. These dunes are huge and if you are planning to hike to the top of a high peak, better giver yourself ple... Read all 122 reviews. The park's Panamint and Eureka Dunes are both taller than the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes. Death Valley National Park has many areas of dunes, including many of the most impressive dune fields in the country. 3,750 ft. Elev Gain. Trail Map | Photo Gallery Approximately 6-8 miles round trip to Hidden Dunes. Honestly, there are no instances of long, steep dropoffs as I think of them along the road from Ubehebe. All the slopes are steep and the loose sand gives way beneath your feet. 532 Spring St. Eureka Springs, AR 72632; We are open: Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Tue: 11:00 am to 5:00 pm; Find us on: Facebook Twitter Rss Instagram Mail. County-maintained road to Eureka Dunes. Just want to confirm that the route from Big Pine has no such dropoffs, and a rented 4WD SUV can make the trip.