"Just kind of clicking around, dragging, quantizing kind of wrong. [3] Em 2014, ela começou a enviar suas músicas para o Bandcamp sob o pseudônimo de Vagabon. "I got a drummer from the jazz department at my college and a bassist that was recommended by him," Tamko says. Vagabon . LAETITIA TAMKO: (Singing) I've been hiding in the smallest space. TAMKO: Everyone just didn't think I had it in me. À l'âge de 13 ans, sa famille s'installe à New York [1] pour que sa mère puisse faire des études de droit [2].Laetitia ne parlait pas anglais au début, mais apprend vite, puis étudie avec succès à la Westchester High School. $10.32. "Because of who I represent and at what time I decided to share this music, it just became this narrative put on me that I was gonna change the world of indie rock," Tamko told The New York Times for its 2017 iteration of the time-old "women in rock" conversation. Making, Tamko is not interested in being the so-called "Cameroonian girl in indie rock." "This album is resilience and strength. There's a pragmatic reason musician Laetitia Tamko goes … Think the iconic drum break in the 1981 smash hit "In the Air Tonight.". TAMKO: I've had bandmates laugh at me because I didn't know how to, like, speak, like, music language. That's what I'm protective of.". Before she could bring the rest of the family over to New York, Tamko's mother worked the counter at a Jamaican restaurant in Harlem (she eventually graduated from the University of Pennsylvania). GATHRIGHT: Tamko moved out of her parents' house. Cameroonian-american electro-pop musician, singer-songwriter. How do I make trap hats? She quit her day job a month after she released her first album. In the liner notes of Vagabon, she credits them for being part of the "chosen family" that made the record possible. I wanted to impress them.". When singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Laetitia Tamkomade her full-length debut as Vagabon, it was with the diverse, sometimes volatile Infinite Worlds. By Hua Hs u. Vagabon is Lætitia Tamko. "I was invited to the party," she sings. Vagabon "Vagabon finds various ways to flood the senses. If I learn a fifth of an African song on guitar, I will learn it the wrong way and I'll make my own thing. The music of Vagabon is perfect if you want to get a little heady about this tension. On the new album's "Every Woman," Tamko lets herself sink into the lowest part of her register to sing about generational exhaustion. She says her group text with musician friends Mitski Miyawaki (who performs as just Mitski) and Sasami Ashworth (who performs as SASAMI) "has saved [her] life so many times." It really waters me down. Vagabon performs "Every Woman" from her self-titled 2019 album, available on Nonesuch Records. She told her parents that it was a trip to see the sights this country had to offer and that her friends would be playing music here and there. She remembers screaming when she found the instrument in the bathroom (still in its box from Costco) and then setting to work learning how to play it. Her parents eventually surprised her with an acoustic guitar when she was 17, just about to graduate. Her family was in the Cameroonian capital city of Yaoundé, where she was born and spent much of her childhood. I Need to Start a Garden. "I'm constantly thinking about 'no suffer porn, no suffer porn, no suffer porn ... that is not how I want to be talked about," Tamko said. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Infinite Worlds is the debut studio album by Cameroon-born musician Laetitia Tamko, under the stage name Vagabon. And I thought that was cool. In her short career, Vagabon has been associated with indie rock, but her new music relies on less on the guitar and more on synths, sequenced drums and strings. What I want to do with any sort of power or influence that I garner is to just shout out the people who are also deserving but because of their race, their orientation, their sexual identity - because of all these things, they somehow feel slept on. GATHRIGHT: Tamko found an early musical home in New York's DIY music scene. On "Please Don't Leave the Table," Tamko floats a Destiny's Child reference in a relaxed falsetto: "When you call, say my name, say my name." It was released in February 2017 under Father/Daughter Records. 'Reservamo-nos o direito de ficar cheios quando estamos sozinhos', ela canta na música “Every Woman”. She was born in Cameroon, but she's lived in and around New York City ever since she was a pre-teen. Laetitia Tamko nasceu em Iaundé, Camarões. "Fear & Force" by Vagabon off her album "Infinite Worlds" available now on Father/Daughter Records. ", In the photo, Laetitia Tamko sits by herself against a deep orange backdrop, wearing a sleeveless black top and a hexagonal blue hat handwoven by the L.A. hatmaker Ariana Valenzuela. And to get pumped to go into the studio and record, Tamko listened to mostly female rappers - early Nicki Minaj, Lil' Kim. "Fear & Force" by Vagabon off her album "Infinite Worlds" available now on Father/Daughter Records. She remembers screaming when she found the instrument in the bathroom (still in its box from Costco) and then setting to work learning how to play it. For her 2019 fall tour with Angel Olsen, Tamko will play venues that can hold more than 2,000 people; she toured with Courtney Barnett and Julien Baker last year. singer-songwriter Vagabon is Cameroon-born multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer Laetitia Tamko (born 25 October 1992 in Yaoundé, Cameroon) currently based in New York City. With no release date yet, the electro-industrial songwriter’s long-anticipated debut may still be imminent. With no release date yet, the electro-industrial songwriter’s long-anticipated debut may still be imminent. Tamko lived with her parents while she attended the engineering program at the City College of New York. "I was feeling myself in a different way, to be honest," she says. "Now that I think about it, from the beginning I was ... interested in cultivating my vision without feeling tied to other people's things.". Vagabon doesn't necessarily "defy genre," to borrow an overwrought cliche, but wonders why genre even comes up when there's so much more to talk about. But while all of this was going on, she was also sneaking out of her parents' house to play punk shows in Brooklyn. '", The drums are very Phil Collins. Her Wikipedia entry describes her as a “Cameroonian-American autodidact multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and music producer based in New York City.” I love autodidact multi-instrumentalists. She paid everyone. Well, then, never mind, never mind, never mind. And I went really hard. "Most of your music will date back to that place.". The super talented singer / writer / producer / multi-instrumentalist Laetitia Tamko is Vagabon. Her lyrics, in particular, were so idiosyncratic that they make a listener grateful for Tamko's strange mind. Tamko got right in the middle of that circle and she danced. Despite years of longing for more formal training, Tamko has come to see her musical naivete as an advantage. Laetitia Tamko – vocals (tracks 3, 4) Dylan Allard – vocals (tracks 3, 4, 7) Annie Truscott – violin (track 5), guitar (track 9), vocals (track 9) Nicholas Merz – pedal steel (track 9) Heba Kadry – mastering; María Medem – artwork; Tim Reynolds - layout It was a Sunday, at a gathering called a reunion, in a circle of about 25 women, singing together. That production lends a just-right balance to a song about staying still ("And I'll stay, stay with you in our bed / It feels so, so good") and knowing the moment won't last. "And knowing that I could do that too, to someone else. I'm black," Tamko says. Vagabon’s music encompasses many styles; the Village Voice described it as “freak-folk” in 2016.