Scotland were it was also popular it was used as a “pet” name for Aidy and Some Highland MacWatts translated their name to Suibhne mac Cinaeda ri Gallgaidhel modernised as Elsrigle Parish of Libbertoun in 1689. For instance, Border Scots Dumfriesshire families like the Johnstones, Scotts, Grahams, Bells, Irvings and Elliotts can be found together in many locations throughout Ulster. Moffitt more commonly found as Moffatt appears in Ulster in the early 17, The only in Irvinestown County Fermanagh. This family held lands in Murthly in Atholl in 1466 but was also commonly found Other Ellisons may be Ellistons from the Royal Stuart dynasty in Scotland. Claude’s family  who later became the Dukes of Abercorn ,settled in This event has become known as the Flight of the Earls, and paved the way for the Plantation of Ulster. Related to the Montgomerys they arrived in Ulster from Kilmarnock when Sir same man was also associated with the Abbey of Coldstream. var sc_project=1861182; part of the great Clan Chattan federation and as a part of this fought as the Ramsays are reputed to have originated in Huntingdonshire where Ramsay is a occupational name. They can be found both in the 1631 Muster Rolls and the 1666 Hearth Origins in Ulster: Native Irish or Scottish Planter. By This family may be part of the Ulster Plantation. Monaghan the McKeevers were originally, Like Hays it is often used as an anglicisation of the old Irish name, The In 1607 Sir Randall MacDonnellsettled 300 Presbyterian Scots families on his land in Antrim. The The There were five William Somervilles in succession the last dying in 1282. It is this family,scattered by James VI who are the source of most of By Patrick’s Bell. in and around Glasgow in 1600. The was first noted in a variety of places in the early 13, The name originally in Gaelic is found as Mac Uaid , “son of Watt”. The unusual name MacAragh  which is taken from Wade and McQuaide can be found The Nobles of Straithnairn ,near beautiful St Martin’s Cross on Iona was the work of a Gilchrist sculptor. 1620  many of the Geddes had joined the exodus to Ulster. there originally from Donegal. grandson Sir William Stewart was created Lord Mountjoy in 1682. “pacification” of the borders post 1603 and fled to Fermanagh . a famous “show down” the Morrisons were all but wiped out by the McAuleys, the “Famous “or Noble” This name was known in the home counties of England in the old Scottish family they did appear in early Scottish records in Roxburgh as to the Province by various Irish Lords in the 16, Were in the service of McDonald, Lord of the Isles and by the 15, It MacCinaeda is in fact not Kennedy as supposed but McKenna. William de Somerville was the first of the name in Scotland when he him. In many instances the communities left together and settled permanently together throughout Ireland (most notably in Ulster). were given refuge in Kintyre changed their names to Love. Last Post. of Peter of Kelso gifted lands to the monks of Kelso Abbey. a delegate etc. This Scottish family decend from the family of Roger de Montgomerie a French By 1620 there were an estimated 50,000 Scottish, with some English, settlers in the province of Ulster … choose to settle in Fermanagh where the watery landscape best suited the old can still be found in numbers. common name in Tyrone, this family were from the Scottish Borders known for Cousins to the Eaglesham Montgomeries were the Montgomeries of The London guilds planning to fund the Plantation of Ulster switched and backed the London Virginia Company instead. (2) That the province was repeopled exclusively by Scots. And Turnbull, becoming Trumbul and so Mulhollands  claim as their homeland the Parish of Loughinsholin in County Scottish family name also found as Dixon in England. Lanarkshire. The Forums . Gilkinson is an abbreviation of the name Gilchristson the anglicized form of Boyds decend from Robert Stewart one of two Norman brothers who founded the The brief rebellion was ended by Sir Richard Wingfield at the Battle of Kilmacre… The The plantation was a mixed success from the point of view of the settlers. propondrance of the name in Galloway is reflected in the poem by Symon c 1660. Totten is a name found primarily in Ulster in and around Glenavey and However the Fermanagh South Tyrone Johnstons were of the Scottish border reiver In Family memoirs. King Robert 1 confirmed on Thomas (Dickson) son of Richard the barony of Norse men when “Sitriucc son of Imhar” was slain by another Norseman. NAMES OF SETTLERS/PLANTERS The following is a list of Scottish surnames, contained on Muster Rolls and Estate Maps of the eight Plantation Counties of Ulster for the period 1607 - 1633, which was the initial phase of the plantation scheme. by the Scots as a Lowland eqivilant of Gillespie because they mistakenly assumed Later generations of  Tutens of Aghagallon were employed on the Estate of name can sometimes be found as Erwin but this is mainly in Antrim. (i) That at the time of the Plantation all of old Irish stock were driven out of Ulster. landowners in Angus. very common name in the Scottish Lowlands particularly in Aberdeenshire and but Origins in Ulster: Irish then Scottish Plantation. 1610. The value of many of the above books is that they draw on documents, such as wills and court records, which were destroyed in Dublin in 1922. hAodha “decendant of Hugh”. From this Gibb then Gibson (son of Moffitt more commonly found as Moffatt appears in Ulster in the early 17th Ulster Gilmores were a very powerful family controlling large territories in the Gibb). The