What Our Gym Offers

One-on-One Training

45 minute private session with Eric Lemkin, M.S. Includes foam rolling, warm-up, workout, and stretch. Sessions are custom designed to fit your goals and modified based upon any limitations.

Group Classes

All classes are 45 -50 minutes in length. Includes a warm-up and exercise portion. You are welcome to foam roll before and stretch after class on your own.

Buddy Training

More information coming soon.

Bootcamp Training

More information coming soon.

Nutritional Counseling

Assessment of current nutritional status via 5 day dietary record. Analysis of caloric intake and macronutrient breakdown. Recommendations given based upon individual goals – bodyfat loss, muscle gain, etc..

Fitness Assessment

Assessment of current aerobic fitness, muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, and mobility. Results are compared to norms based upon age and gender. Recommendations for fitness programming to bring up areas that need to be addressed.

Body Fat Measurement

Skinfold bodyfat assessment utilizing 3 site or 7 site. Testing is non-invasive and only takes 5 minutes. Circumference measurements can also be done if so desired.

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